Wear what you want!


The sales are ending and all the items that are left are super cheap! But the torture of sales periods are that they mock us by the ‘New Collection’. SO obviously I bought stuff from the new collection, because that’s how I am. But I also got over that thing a lot ofย girls experience. We don’t always wear the clothes are clothing style we actually want to wear.

I know, as a lot of girls, exactly what clothes I would like to wear. But I just don’t do it. Which is pretty stupid when you think about it. Why wouldn’t you wear whatever you want, without caring what other people would say. Even if your friends don’t like it, they don’t have to wear it, but you do. You have to wear what you feel good in.

Body image has also to do with it, at least for me. I would love to wear skirts and dresses and even shorts, but again I don’t. I printed it in my head that I’m to fat for that, even though I know I am not. Why is being a girl so hard!!!

But it’s about time to do something about it. Stop thinking ‘what will my friends think?’ and start with ‘I like this, I’m gonna wear this’. So I’m am slowly changing my wardrobe, not being too drastic by replacing everything in my closet at once (also because that would cost a crazy lot of money, money that I don’t have :p). Anyway, it isn’t fun at all to wear clothes you only like half, instead of something you loved, just because it’s a little bit different than what everybody is used of you.

I think when you wear what you love, you’ll feel better. And it can make you feel better about your body as well. you just have to try it. So that’s what I did, I bought some items that I liked but almost didn’t buy, because they’re different than my other clothes.

2 long cardigan (I guess it’s called) I just them, they are so comfy, but still pretty!
I never bought a flower shirt before, and I love flower. So i just thought f*ck this, I buy it ๐Ÿ™‚
I was not going to buy this, because it wasn’t really my style. But now I used it and I love it!!

grey sweater – Vero Moda in blue

dark red sweater -Only

Flower shirt- Madonna

Purse – Pieces

I hope you liked this post! If you do let me know!!