As you may know, I am a woman. I have boobs, a vagina and a uterus, so I can give birth to babies and nurse them. Does that make me less of a human? Does that make me less than a man? NO, it doesn’t. 

In most parts of the world there is Gender inequality. Woman are considered ‘less’ by some people and that needs to stop. Until 10 000 years ago, men and women were equal to each other, they had the same task in their community. But life evolves, people learned new things, there was more food, groups became bigger and so did the number of children. And that’s where the social inequality started.
But in that time it was normal, the men went hunting, so there was food for the women and children. so obviously the men were in a higher stand than women.

Now that this little history lesson has been told, I can move forward. In some countries girls aren’t even allowed to go to school, everybody deserves and education. Nowadays men and women both go to work, practice the same jobs, but don’t get payed the same. Why is that? Men are still the ones who ‘rule’ most countries and other things in the world.

I never considered myself a feminist, until Emma Watson’s speech for the He For She campagne. the word Feminist has gotten a bad connotation. When people hear it they think dominant, aggressive, power obsessed women, who parade topless in the streets. But if no one steps up, nothing will change. And I think the topless protests actually have a good point. Why are women not allowed to walk topless on the beach, in some places you can get a fine for that. They are making a point with it. They draw attention with it, plus prove that it is not socially accepted for women to do that. But why isn’t it?

There are so many campaigns against racism, to accept the people as they are, regardless of their skin type. Campaigns for equal right for Holibi’s. And they’ve come a long way, they’re not totally there yet. But it’s getting there. So I think it’s time to to give Feminism a boost, and that started already by the He for She campaign. Emma Watson is a big role Model for girls and boy my age, we grew up with Harry Potter and she kept inspiring us. From being confident, doing the best you can in school, to standing up for what you believe in. So that’s what I’m doing.

I want the world to know what being a feminist is, because a lot of people don’t. (A couple of weeks ago a friend (a girl) said something and It led to me talking about feminism. She immediately started implying that it were just attention seekers who want to ‘top’ men. And to confirm her point she emphasized FEMINism). Feminists are a group, women AND men, who fight for gender equality. Not for a world ruled and overpowered by females. All we want is girls and boys, men and women to become equals. A better term would be Equalism, maybe then it couldn’t be mistaken with untrue sayings.

And I may sound like I think men are misogynists, but I don’t. Men are as important in a society as women. Gender Equality is in some ways as good for men as for women. People are pushed into boxes and stereotypes. People who are different, don’t belong here. That’s what stereotypes imply. Racism and holibi are also an example of this boxing. Although it started changing lately, but when a little boy asks if he can go to ballet class his parent will ask him if he’s absolutely sure. Because a boy in ballet isn’t the stereotypical one.

That all said, I do want to emphasize that I know things are changing, and equality on all sort of levels and types is in progress, which I’m really glad about. I just wanted to put it out there for the people who had wrong thoughts about it, and in celebration of International Women’s Day tomorrow and Emma Watson Live Stream about it. This is something I have a strong opinion about (ask my friends, they avoid the subject because it can get a little out of hand when I start talking about it :p).

I hope you agree with (most of) the things I said. If you liked it, please like and/or comment. 😀