Toddlers, baking and playing

Hello there!

Last week I had vacation, I don’t know if that is the case everywhere, but it is here! 😀 But one week of vacation is not enough. Teachers give you enough homework so you have to get up at 6am to get it all done AND do the fun activities you had planned. 

I already told you about the BFF shopping trip and the concert in my previous post, but the week had only begun. Tuesday and Wednesday were my homework catch up days so not really interesting. Unless you like to know the different functions of informative media? I guess not.

And then Wednesday evening my nephew came! He is 4 years old and adorable. He is such a sweet kid. but little kids need a lot of attentions and when they don’t get it they cry. So making sure he would like his 2 day and a bit stay at our place, we had to play, play, play!

I forgot how it was to be a kid. everything is so easy, you can play all day long. no responsibilities or chores. and lucky for me I could be a kid again for 2 days. Playing with teletubbies and ‘The seven Dwarfs’, but best of all… I had an excuse to watch Dora the Explorer and that stuff. You would be surprised how much I watch toddler programs in my free time. (It’s kind of embarrassing how much actually, I even recorded a kids program so I wouldn’t miss an episode :s). Mentally I’m still a kid.

But a kid that can bake! except for playing and tv. Children love baking, and so do I! I made us all homemade pancakes (way better than the ones from the store :p). And then friday, it was Halloween! Even though it isn’t such a big holiday here 🙁 we still celebrated it with Halloween cupcakes! WHOOOOW

It was super fun having him here, but that did mean I practically did nothing for school. PFF who cares! I wanna be a kid again! (They have so much cooler toys than I had :o)

SO if you want an excuse to be a kid again for a while, and watch Bubbleguppies without regret or shame one word… BABYSITTING! haha

(only pictures of the cupcakes, respecting my little nephew’s privaty 😉 )halloween cupcakes cutout

Hope you liked this post, I certainly liked retelling this story to you!!