The Dark Heroine

Hello there!

Today I’m gonna introduce you to an amazing book, I read it a while ago, but it is absolutely worth mentioning! ūüėÄ

Because of an¬†accidental¬†on a¬†distorted¬†square, Violet tumbles into a worlds beyond anyones imaginations –¬†A¬†world full of gracefulness and beauty, where aristocratic vampires live. A place with no escape possible‚Ķ But underneath this¬†beautiful¬†facade hides a darkness, incorporate by the dangerous and¬†mysterious heir of the¬†throne, Kaspar Varn. When Violet and Kaspar admit to their passion, that exceeds¬†their worlds, they find out that passion has a price.

A brief summary of the amazing book of Abigail Gibbs, and then 18-year old author. Her book has been liked over 17 million time in only 3 years on Wattpad (amazing site, by the way! Check it out).

I really loved this book. I couldn’t stop reading. It was so romantic, exciting and thrilling. It’s been writing from 2 POV’s (point of view’s), Violet’s and Kaspar’s (shocking!). Normally I don’t like multiple POV’s, because in the books I’ve read, it was just repeating the chapter. In this book it completely fitted. And it was easy written, so easy to read.

I’ve read quite a lot of vampire books, so they have to be refreshing and it absolutely was! There was of course the basic clich√© story: Girl meets boy, they hate each others guts. Eventually fall in love, but can be together. But still there were some unexpected and chocking things. Things you never see coming. And those books are the best!

In the book you get hints, little pieces of information, like a part of a profecie or some family history, but you won’t know how everything fits together until the end, where you find the answers to all your


I hope you’ll like it as much as I did! ūüôā