2 Weeks of Thoughts

2 Weeks of Thoughts

Hi!!! This is going to be a different one, peeps! I start exams tomorrow and I wasn’t even a little productive. I basically started yesterday and I know what you might think, I’m not exaggerating. Last year I was productivity in the flesh. And I was very proud to say I nailed all but one … Read More

Goodread Reading Challenge Recap

Goodread Reading Challenge Recap

Hi lovely people It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I was extremely busy and tired and at one point my pre-scheduled post I made to bypass my lack of time, ran out too soon 🙁 But this week I’m back in business babes! As you may know I am the proud owner … Read More

This the season to be jolly…

Hello everybodyyy!! (sorry for the lay-out, I cant seem to fix it :/ ) Never in my life have I felt less christmassy than this year! It sucked cause I absolutely loooove Christmas spirit! I had all my stuff ready to make a christmas haul, because for some reason I had a lot of stuff. … Read More

Last weeks of 2015

Hello everyone! It been 2 months since my last post, like you see regular posting has been going great! But the new year has started and again I’m going to try and update every 2 weeks!  I could tell you what happened the last 2 months, but half of it are exams and the other … Read More

New Year, New Fails

Hi everyone!! First week of school or work is over, how did it go? So as the New Year has started, the new New Year’s Resolutions are here too! This year I decided to keep them short and general. I only chose 3 and I’m already doing them! 😀 Here they are: Don’t be afraid … Read More

Welcome to 2015!

Hi there! This being the first post of the new year, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year. May this be the year all your dreams and wishes come true. Be happy, laugh a lot and hang out with the people who make you happy! This New Year’s Eve was, before … Read More