Free Christmas Checklist!

Free Christmas Checklist!

Hi lovelies! It’s almost that time of the year again! yes, indeed only a few weeks until Christmas! Christmas is, like for many others, my favorite holiday of the year. And I’ve got to be honest, I find the ‘leading up to’ more exciting than Christmas itself. Maybe because Christmas means the prep is over. … Read More

How to not envy others?

How to not envy others?

Hi everybody! Today I want to talk about something called envy. I am personally very bad when it comes to this. Envying someone means you want what others have, you’re not just jealous, you actually want it yourself. I’ve never had the confidence to get the ‘go big or go home’- attitude. So whenever I made … Read More

Dear Reader,


Some Nerve and a little bit Charisma

Hi booklover! This one is for you guys!! Since I made the switch from paper to digital I have more opportunities to read, which is very awesome! I’ve set myself a reasonable Reading Challenge on Goodreads in Januari and I’m back on track! You may or may not have guessed which books I’m going to … Read More

Need Coffee to Adult

Hello everybody! I don’t really know where this post is going today, but i felt like writing. So here I am writing whatever will come up to me! With all this college stuff being I don’t really have a hobby anymore. I haven’t had a hobby for a couple years. But now it’s noticable I … Read More

Finally Vacation!

Hello everyone! So this week hasn’t been as productive as I planned it to be. That’s why the London Primark Haul is being postponed, sowwy! I decided I’m just gonna do a little update on my life and then I can continue to binge watch Gilmore Girls :p Last week was my first official real vacation! … Read More

Relax Time!

Hello everybody! Skipped a week again, I’m sorry. I have been quite busy with school, art and finally updating my story. So this week I thought I’d do something that I would really enjoy ànd make a post about… PAMPER NIGHT! I’ve been planning this for 2 weeks now, I had a list of movies, … Read More

My Addictive Personality

Hello there!   At the moment I have BHS and I need to talk about it!! Allow me to explain… BHS stands for “Black Hole Syndrome” I don’t know it is real, okay I made it up  but it is the best way to describe how I feel. It is the feeling you have when … Read More