Book Club: All The Bright Places

Book Club: All The Bright Places

This post may contain affiliate links Hi Lovelies Welcome to Book Club! This week I’ll be reviewing the bookΒ All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Spoiler Alert: I liked it! Here we go! She learned to live from a boy who wanted to die. This tells the story of Theodore Finch, who is fascinated by … Read More

Some Nerve and a little bit Charisma

Hi booklover! This one is for you guys!! Since I made the switch from paper to digital I have more opportunities to read, which is very awesome! I’ve set myself a reasonable Reading Challenge on Goodreads in Januari and I’m back on track! You may or may not have guessed which books I’m going to … Read More

I’m broke but I had fun

Hello eveybody! It’s been a while again πŸ™ March was pretty busy. Lots of classes, projects and stuff. But it was also a very fun month… I had a lot to look forward to and that is what I want to share with you guys! As I mentioned a couple of times before, I am … Read More

Christmas happened :D

Hi there! As we all know christmas has passed and it’s almost New Year! *Excitement everywhere*I love the holiday season, lots of lights and colours. And sales *Shop til you drop*. I always find Christmas eve and Christmas passing so quick. It’s over before it started. I actually like the built up to the holidays … Read More