Summer is finally here!

Hello everybody! So as you all know summer is here! Exams are over, no more school! Finally relaxing! Or not… beside the thought of having to work my whole life until I’m at least 67 years old, which is already way too long, Teeenagers are expected to do a job as well. and this sucks! … Read More

cut it off! :o

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since my latest post. I lost all inspiration for post or stories. I also created a little obsession about Pitch Perfect, so all my spare time when to watching to movie (I watched it 4 times in 1 week, and then 2 times again this week), I’ve also been … Read More

Wear what you want!

Hello! The sales are ending and all the items that are left are super cheap! But the torture of sales periods are that they mock us by the ‘New Collection’. SO obviously I bought stuff from the new collection, because that’s how I am. But I also got over that thing a lot ofย girls experience. … Read More

Concerts and Shopping!!

Hey there! And now again, too late, I know. more than a week!! AAAH! Why can’t I do this properly. But Life goes on, even if you suck at it. So lets forget it and write some more! Except for school my last 2 weeks were rather empty and not interesting at all. But luckily … Read More

September Favorites

Heloooow! September’s over! School has been going on for a month now ๐Ÿ™ Getting back in the routine. (And my post is early this week :o) This month I got myself some thing I absolutely love and want to share with you. This will be my first proper favorites post ๐Ÿ˜‰ yay! first up, a … Read More