December Playlist

December Playlist

Hi peeps!! Another monthly playlist is coming your way and since it was december and I’ve been planning christmas since July, this is gonna be a full on Christmas playlist. Because yes, you can still listen to christmas music now!!! Get that jingle going!! Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pentatonix White Winter Hymnal … Read More

October Playlist

October Playlist

Hi my lovely reader It’s that time of the month again! A whole new playlist! As always I tried to find song and/or artist who I didn’t know before. I do still think it’s quite difficult to find 10 new artist each month, but it are 10 different song (not necessarily ‘new’ ones). Some you … Read More

I’m broke but I had fun

Hello eveybody! It’s been a while again 🙁 March was pretty busy. Lots of classes, projects and stuff. But it was also a very fun month… I had a lot to look forward to and that is what I want to share with you guys! As I mentioned a couple of times before, I am … Read More

Crazy Vacation :o

Hello everyone! So last week and a half we had vacation, which is always more than welcome :p It was a very busy vacation! like crazy busy, but probably the best vacation ever! Let’s see how it started So saturday I coloured my hair red, but I mentioned that already :p On sunday I attemped … Read More

Can’t find a Title… :s

Hi everyone! I think I’m back on schedule, but I’m not quite sure… But anyways, it’s vacation now and as usual we have more homework and assignments to do than time. School does not understand the definition of ‘vacation’. Plus they expect us to go to Try Out classes in universities and colleges as well. … Read More

Midweek Night Out

Hi again! It’s been 2 months since school started again and one thing that kept me going the last couple of weeks are the Midweek Nights Out. You really miss them when they’re gone. The second week of the schoolyear, one of my friends was home alone on a thursday and asked me to stay … Read More

Early Birthday Haul

Helooooow! Being well prepare this week! YAY! At the end of the summer my friends and I celebrated our 18th birthday ‘Novemberfest in August’ (our birthdays are in November, but hey why not in august :p) I got some great gifts from my friends and I would like to share it 😉 Freeman clay and … Read More


Hello everybody! Maybe you already know what this weeks post is about, or maybe you don’t. Either way, I am going to be extremely excited about it, so you’ve been warned. Last sunday I went to see freaking PENTATONIX LIVE!!! If you don’t know them, stop reading, look them up, come back and fangirl along … Read More

Concerts and Shopping!!

Hey there! And now again, too late, I know. more than a week!! AAAH! Why can’t I do this properly. But Life goes on, even if you suck at it. So lets forget it and write some more! Except for school my last 2 weeks were rather empty and not interesting at all. But luckily … Read More