7 reasons to start a Journal

7 reasons to start a Journal

Hi Lovelies! Today is a special day. I have a treat for you! This weeks post will be by my first ever guest blogger Skye! Making the decision to start keeping a journal is probably the smartest decision I’ve ever made. (Which doesn’t mean I make terrible decisions, I promise!) Journaling has SO many benefits, … Read More

I’m a hypocrite

As you may see from the title this is going to be about a personal conflict that I recently discovered. I recently started watching Valeria Lipovetsky on YouTube. She is a 26-year-old model and mom, and on such a short time she made me realize that I’m being a hypocrite to myself. I want to change that fact!

changing things up!

hello everybody! So today is gonna be a really quick post. (This time I mean it, it’s not gonna end up being a massive thing like usual!) okay first things first! You might have noticed that I changed the URL and the whole lay-out and every possible thing to change about my blog! only the content … Read More