Why I started blogging

Why I started blogging

Hi Lovelies! You may notice that I now have my own custom domain and a new lay-out on my blog. Why? Because I want to revive my blog and pick up my hobby again. This all made me thing about the reason I started this all in the first place. And I’m about to tell … Read More

Semester Favorites

Semester Favorites

Hello everybody Here I am, two weeks in a row! (yay, the start of consistency). This time I would like to share some favorites with you guys. I love doing them, you seem to like them. the only problem is that I do not buy many new stuff, because I’m a broke ass student. So … Read More

Spring favorites

Hello everyone!! Sooooooo… I’ve been gone for like 3 months or something… I’m embarrassed of myself! It’s all my own fault, procrastination is gonna ruin my life someday. So these last weeks I haven’t posted because I postponed all my work until the last minute and suddenly everything had to be finished at the same … Read More

Early Birthday Haul

Helooooow! Being well prepare this week! YAY! At the end of the summer my friends and I celebrated our 18th birthday ‘Novemberfest in August’ (our birthdays are in November, but hey why not in august :p) I got some great gifts from my friends and I would like to share it πŸ˜‰ Freeman clay and … Read More

Summer is finally here!

Hello everybody! So as you all know summer is here! Exams are over, no more school! Finally relaxing! Or not… beside the thought of having to work my whole life until I’m at least 67 years old, which is already way too long, Teeenagers are expected to do a job as well. and this sucks! … Read More

Relax Time!

Hello everybody! Skipped a week again, I’m sorry. I have been quite busy with school, art and finally updating my story. So this week I thought I’d do something that I would really enjoy Γ nd make a post about… PAMPER NIGHT! I’ve been planning this for 2 weeks now, I had a list of movies, … Read More

Daily skin care

Hello there!   Today I’m gonna talk about skin care. A beautiful face begins with a fresh and clean skin. Skin care is very important, but you have to make sure you use the right products for your skin. The first step to begin your daily routine is making sure you bought the right products. … Read More