College 101: The Intovert’s Guide

College 101: The Intovert’s Guide

Hi Lovelies! It’s another week of college wisdom (sorta). This week I want to address something that a lot of people face, being introvert. Which can be a real challenge in college or uni. Today you’ll get a view at my experience. It’s okay! It is totally okay and normal to be introvert. You are … Read More


Did you ever had to open yourself up, completely uncover yourself? Did you ever have to unveil your being and thinking? Did you ever have to expose and uncover everything in front of a group.

That time before Christmas

Hi there! Yup, it’s that time again. the period before Christmas. And I don’t mean the holiday shopping and decorating the house. I mean exams. that’s right, learning and studying from the moment you get home from school, until you fall asleep on your books (gives you pain in the neck and you can’t sleep … Read More