Summer is finally here!

Hello everybody!

So as you all know summer is here! Exams are over, no more school! Finally relaxing! Or not… beside the thought of having to work my whole life until I’m at least 67 years old, which is already way too long, Teeenagers are expected to do a job as well. and this sucks! Which teens ever though, “Hmmm I’m bored… wait a minute… I can go do extremely boring, bad payed jobs that no adult wants to do! Yeah sounds great!” I hate that person. Half of my ‘vacation’ will consist of working. Yeeey society!

but I am not going to keep complaining about working, I still have a week left till I have to start. So instead I’m going to show you some of my favorites from the last months.

Lets begin with clothes.
Yesterday I’ve been on a little shopping adventure with my mom and this is what I got

IMG_1674This is actually a salmon pink playsuit from Villa, not orange like in the picture. (bad lighting, sorry, I was procrastinating again)

IMG_1673This is a top from Jacqueline de yong, I really like the pattern, so did my sister so she bought the pant with the same pattern.

IMG_1672The black and white short is also from Jacqueline de yongΒ and the coloured one is from Only

IMG_1668And I bought some heels I can actually properly walk in from Trend one. I like them very much, because I don’t look like an idiot trying to keep his balance.

Next up Homeware… Actually it are just candles but that’s homeware right? I’ve kinda created an obsession for candles. I love my room to smell amazing all the time. My mom doesn’t really understand this πŸ™

I bought 3 Yankee Candles

Medium Honey Blossom candle

This one smells amazing. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks and I almost finished that one. It was burning all day, it gives a little comfort while studying.

Snow in love

I haven’t lit this one yet but I it smells incredible! I can’t describe scents, this is why 4D computers should be invented so that I could just insert the scent.
And I also bought Lake Sunset, but that one is already too burned up to properly show you, but believe me it is amazing.

Turns out I do have actual homeware to show!!


I bought some Purple pillows from IKEA, that perfectly match my wallpaper. I needed to add some colour in my room, because everything was white and grey.

IMG_1661This little Boeddha is literally my favorite thing I bought recently. I mean, look how cute this is!

I also bought a few beauty products, not much but still.

Garnier Hydra-Adapt

This is a moisturiser, and I love it. It feels so refreshing and it smells like green tea!

IMG_1656And the second and last thing I bought was a Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 111, which is a really deep red. Very pretty and it lasts a long time. Used it on our Ballet Graduation performance and the whole group agrees. I will probably buy another pinker shade for more casual things.

Let me see, what else did I get… My newbie baby cats arrived!! they are the most adorable kitties ever!!

Meet Theodore Connor Nott
Beatle and Theo
Theo is more eyes than cat
Kissies from Beatle

What’s left? SOCIAL MEDIA!!

SNAPCHAT! I know I am incredibly late on this one, but I finally got snapchat a few weeks ago. And I must say I love love love it. I have been annoying people on it the whole exam period. But I must say, I annoyed them on a pretty awesome way (*bragging*)

Snapchat--1566357721521269219 Snapchat--5000537861920641217 1434224721942

Then this other unbelievable thing happened…. PETER HOLLENS, of you don’t know him, educate yourself and look him up. He is an amazing a capella singer on youtube!! But the best part is he responded on my snapchat, favorited my tweets 3 times and replied! I went to full out 100% fangirl mode then! which didn’t really positively affect my studying, but who cares πŸ˜‰

peter hollens reply peter hollens favorites

And last but definitely not least, another youtuber… well a newbie youtuber, actually. Senne, youtube name ‘Just Senne‘. Because he mentioned me in his last video the ‘TMI tag’ and because my upcoming post is gonna be this tag, I thought I’d mention him now already. You should definitely check him out!

This definitely was longer than I expected it to be, so yeah, I guess that’s what you get when you keep postponing updating your blog…But anyway if you did manage to get to the end of all this, and you liked it, please like and follow if you want to read more!