Spring favorites

Hello everyone!!

Sooooooo… I’ve been gone for like 3 months or something… I’m embarrassed of myself! It’s all my own fault, procrastination is gonna ruin my life someday. So these last weeks I haven’t posted because I postponed all my work until the last minute and suddenly everything had to be finished at the same time… I barely made it and I hate myself for it but hey! SPRING FAVORITES!!!

1. Clothes

First up are my new shirts from America Today!
I love love love them I like the pattern very much and I could not not buy them!


Next are some Primark stuff (I went to the Primark store in Belgium for the first time!)

I bought this supercute dress with a little flower pattern, would look great with a classy hat or All-Stars


Panda’s… Never forget the panda…. cuz it’s PANDA TIME!

Of course when you go to primark, you can’t just walk past the Harry Potter collection sooooo… HARRY POTTER PANTS


And then one of my favorite part of the store…. PJ’s…. love it!!! I bought a Β Winnie the Pooh PJ and a Unicorn PJ, cuz I looooove unicorns! (sorry no picture of the Winnie the Pooh one, I was wearing it while taking pictures for this post, but believe me it’s cool)


Do watches go with clothing? Dunno… but I bought this gorgeous watch at H&M


2. Beauty Stuff

I spend way too many money on parfume… I bought 2. Why? I have no clue, but I did and they smell amazing.

The first one is a little sort of sample bottle from Rituals And it smells great!
And the second parfume is from The Body Shop, and smelled to amazing not to buy!

Then Make-up…

I think I mentioned this before, but I’m not sure… The Wake Me Up foundation from Rimmel. The best foundation I have tried so far.


Then I finaly purchased some bronzer and blush from Catrice, and I must say: Why did I not buy this sooner! really does a lot to your make-up, more than I thought it would.


Next… because my old mascara was getting dry up, I was in need of a new one. I bought the Catrice Speed Star Mascara, not waterproof. My eyelashes look great and I got many compliments on them and asked what mascara it was, sooo… I think it was a good buy!IMG_3585

And then to finish the make up part, an a liquid eyeliner also from Catrice. It’s the Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen, also not waterproof. It is very easy to apply, even for me who stuggle A LOT with doing a decent line. So..Amazing!



Then I got some skin products for y’all

Two more Rituals products, The Ritual of Sakura showergel… I think this use to be a limited edition scent, but is back and here to stay!



This one is a new scent, limited edition. This is the Ritual of Karma Body Scrub. Smells amazing, and makes your skin feel clean and great!IMG_3578


Handcreme, something I’ve been looking for for months! And finally I have amzing smelling handcreme. Both from the brand I Love… in the scents Mango and Papaya (It smells so good, my boyfriends bought one too) and Raspberry and Blackberry (my favorite of the two)IMG_3577

3. Random stuff

I got only 2 items here, but I wanna show them!

The first are my Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass book and my Peter Pan book. Both original stories. (My picture turned??? whut???)


And this is something I wanted for a really long time…. A real Harry Potter wand!!!



And that all! I was quite a lot, and my money is gone now… But it was worth it, I hope!
See y’all later, hopefully on a more regular base!



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