September Favorites


September’s over! School has been going on for a month now 🙁 Getting back in the routine. (And my post is early this week :o) This month I got myself some thing I absolutely love and want to share with you. This will be my first proper favorites post 😉 yay!

first up, a new camera!
I mentioned before that I didn’t have fancy camera, so that all my pictures were taken with my phone. Well, not anymore! I though it was time to invest in a new one, a good one. And that’s exactly what I did! On recommendation of a lot of Youtubers (So I already knew that it was a good one, by stalking them and watching all there vlogs -only to see if the quality of the camera was good, of course :p). So here he is my very own Canon S120 powershot!

(This picture was still taking with my phone, obviously)


I mentioned Youtubers already, so here is a smooth transition to the “Pointless Book” by Alfie Deyes aka Pointlessblog. I absolutely love it. Every time you’re bored or want to take a break, grab the book, flip through the pages and do what the page says. There are so many different this to do, and you can do them over and over again. OR watch Alfie do some of the pages himself, with the PointlessApp! I love, love, love it! AAAH

IMG_0561 pointlessbook tweet

Okay, continuing with… my new purse. I finally found a purse that looks small and fits with almost everything, all still holds all my stuff! Got it from Berskha, in the beginning of this month. It has compartiments! Great for someone as unorganised as myself! (ps: It’s a perfect fit for books! :D)


This one is really adorable, I couldn’t leave the store without buying it. A hedgehog doorstop, this really needs no explanation. And it’s perfect for a little Fall decoration! He is super cute, he only has no name yet 🙁

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

And here is my smooth switch to the next favorite, again. FALL!!! Fall is my favorite season. Not to hot, not to cold. Basically the perfect weather … SWEATER WEATHER!!! Sweaters in all kinds of colours and all sorts of prints. Autumn also has so many beautiful natural colours. Don’t forget Halloween, even though is isn’t really ‘celebrated’ here (not like in america, at least), I still like to make Halloween themed things. And fall means it’s almost my birthday! Whoop Whoop!


This is the last one, and I think everybody who reads this want to slap me in the face. The Fault in Our Stars, I know, I should have read that book long ago! But the important thing is that I did read it, eventually. I normally don’t watch the movie, until I’ve read the book. But this one’s different. I’m really into romantic and sad movies, but with books I need action. And again this one’s different, I love this book! I think I’m gonna re-read this book (which I never do), I need to indicate my favorite parts, so when I feel sad, or just in the mood to read, I can re-read my fave parts!


This was it, all my recent favorites! Thanks for reading!