Semester Favorites

Hello everybody

Here I am, two weeks in a row! (yay, the start of consistency). This time I would like to share some favorites with you guys. I love doing them, you seem to like them. the only problem is that I do not buy many new stuff, because I’m a broke ass student. So I want to start doing Semester Favorites instead of seasonal, because its more manageable for me.

Hey, how, let’s go!

first up I have some beauty/ skin care products I really really love and want to share.

You may or may not know, but I love Louis Widmer products. I have a lot of troubles with my skin, sometimes it’s greasy and a couple of days later it’s as dry as a bone. And when those days arrive I am prepared with this gem. Louis Widmer Remederm face cream, day and night.


But even on greasy days a face gotta get moisturized. The Louis Widmer cream is rather thick, so when my skin isn’t super dry, I use a lighter moisterising sleeping mask, by Freeman. The Honeydew and Chamomile Sleeping Mask, to be exact. It smells AMAZING and soaks in quickly. (I think I might have featured this one in a favorites before)


That’s is for beauty, since I’m not really into make-up so much lately (lack of time πŸ™ ). So we go over to the number 1 thing my free time when to this semester… BOOKS

As you may know I bought an e-reader in the beginning of the semester and it changed my bookloving life! You can read about it here. It made me finish my Goodreads reading challenge in 5 months (so I extended it, obviously).


So what were my favorite books this semester? Honestly I can’t choose. They were all great! So I just picked 3 that were on my e-reader, because the other ones are from the public library (because even internet doesn’t have every book).

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I chose The program Series by Suzanne young, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I read 4 books straight, during exams. The series is paired, so every 2 books have different protagonists. You have the original story, the prequel and the sequel. I really recommend reading it (also in this order).

Next isΒ This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp.Β This book is about a school shooting. The story is told from the perspective of different students, all somehow connected.

And last, but not least Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. It’s a story of an in-the-closet gay guy and how he got blackmailed because of it. I really loved this book, it’s casual and easy, but yet still a great story; Nothing over the top.

Next, next, next, NOTEBOOKS. Because of my love for them I think they deserve their own category.

Last semester I went to FACTS the Belgian Comic Con and because of my need to memorize everything I do in my memory box, I HAD TO buy something. This combined with my compulsive need to buy unnecessary things I have plenty of already. I bought a notebook. Of course I haven’t used it, but it makes my desk look pretty and Newt would want me to use it for something important.


The next thing isn’t exactly a notebook, but it’s a planner. My own personally customised planner from I love this planner so much. It has everything I need. The dailies, of course, monthly and yearly overview. mini to-do list at the bottom of every page. And 48 back pages you can put together yourself. You can choose EVERYTHING. And they have A4 planner too, which are going to be handy when I start working. I just can explain how perfect they are. I created, bought and received my planner for next year, and I’m so happy.


Now come the stuff I really can’t categorise, so…

Headphones! because dormwalls aren’t very thick and don’t allow you to play Disney (Channel) music at top volume. therefore I bought a Sony MDR-55 on-ear headphone. The quality of the music is soooooo much better than earplugs. I do recommend to buy them during sales, because they originally cost €90 (in sales they costed me €30)


Then later on the semester I actually when to Comic Con (kinda lame in comparison to FACTS, guess Belgium isn’t big enough for a big Comic Con), but as I explained I HAD to buy something. So I did, and I love it! You know those Funko Pop figures, A little expensive to my taste, so I bought a key chain version and it’s so adorable!


Kinda love Newt Scamander, woops.

Anyway, that’s it for this Semester Favorites, and I’ll read ya later!



  1. Thank you for introducing me to so many new things! That face mask looks like it smells amazing. And that’s so cool that you went to Comic Con! Pretty planner, too. I want all of it! (:

  2. I want to try this mask! I love face masks but I’m always nervous because my skin is so sensitive! I might check this one out! xx

    1. I think Freeman has very great face masks. I had never had problems with it (i have a sensative skin as well) and they are cheaper than others

    1. Louis Widmer products were recommened by my dermathologist and i’ve stuck with is for 6 years now
      And the Freeman masks are cheap and work great!

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