Primark Haul


I’m back! school has started again, I skipped 2 weeks again, nothing out of the ordinary. But now, something that has been postponed for over a month, my London Primark haul. Let’s get right into it :p It’s not that many clothes but hey when you add my sister’s clothes, it was a long bill.


Beige tshirt with an accent on the border of the pocket, and stretchy high waisted black jeans. This is probably my favorite outfit at the moment.


A leather jacket never hurts :p


And of course i can walk past harry potter clothes without buying at least some of them, It’s physically impossible. The top isn’t from Primark, but from Camden Market, 3 for 10 pounds 😉


And some shoes to get the whole sporty look to a more believable level 😉


Of course a jumpsuit, which I wore quite a lot already 😉 and a leather bag, not from primark but from Camden Lock



We had to buy a bag to put all the clothes in….

That was it! hopefully I stay on schedule this time! see ya soon!