Party, Books and Party

Hello there!

I know I’m late again, but this time I have a good reason to be. It was my birthday and I wanted it to be in my post! I turned 17 yesterday! Almost an adult! But besides my birthday, there are some other stuff I want to mention as well!

Let’s begin with friday night, because nothing interesting happens at school, so let’s skip that! So friday night there was a party and because I’m being more sociable this year,  I went along with my friends. Because I doubled my year, I’ve also doubled the people I know and that makes being social much more easier.

I’m always surprised on parties, because I seem to enjoy them more than I expected. Maybe it’s the people or the alcohol? I don’t know (in Belgium you can legally drink from the age of 16). Or the people who buy you drinks, free drinks are always better (unless it’s from a stranger, don’t take it. It can be drugged!!). But yeah, going out is the best way to meet new people, so you won’t be forever alone for the rest of your life 😉

The next day was less easy going. After 4 hours of sleep and feeling nauseous from that one beer to many, we had to get up. Getting ready for the book fair. We had a 2 hour train ride ahead of us and not much to talk about, because our parents were with us. In other words, no recalling of memories from last night (not that I was drunk, I remember everything clearly. We’re just the ‘weird’ kind of people). She every time something came up about it, the universal hand-signal for “shut it, my parents don’t know about this.

my parents don't know

But we make it to the book fair. Saw some really interesting books, saw some celebrities. How cool are we! And after 4 years of going there we finally found and actual restaurant to eat, it was really packed but we were lucky. 6 people at a table of 4. cosy 😀

I bought a book, a thriller, called “The Three” from Sarah Lotz it seems really fun. It isn’t only plain text, there are like these chatbox dialogues as well. But the theme is super cool. quick summary!

“4 planes crash down within a couple of hours, all on a different continent. None of the planes have something in common. Except that somehow on 3 of the 4 planes a little child survives the crash. But they change and strange things happen, they start acting weird.”

I found this very intriguing. I like thrillers, it’s my favorite genre. I don’t know if this is weird, but I love it when a thriller is so deep and scary it keeps me awake at night. When you start thinking about the conspiracy theories in the book and try to figure out what happened before you’ve read it. Or maybe that just the creepster in me, who will tell.

And I got “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” from J.K. Rowling for my birthday!!


But then after 2 long and boring days of making homework and studying, it was my birthday! Pancake breakfast, Chinees left over at noon. Cake at my cousin’s house, and waffles for dinner. Somebody asked me how it felt being 17, the only thing I could think of was FAT. I probably gained 3 kilo (6.6 pound)!

So on my birthday we went to my cousin, because his little son’s birthday is on the same day as mine. He turned 1 and got a cake, so they gave me a cake as well, with my name and everything! They thought it would be funny :p

So now I have to get all the extra pound off, somehow. If it could without getting exhausted, or movement at all. As long as they’re gone by Christmas it alright! 😀

I hope you liked it!