Hello everybody!

To be honest, I was about to skip a week again. But here I am! The last weeks I have been stressing out about everything on the inside, while trying to maintain my cool, relax self on the outside. Let’s just say I haven’t really been enjoying the summer holiday so far, except, of course some days that I met with friends.

I have been going in overdrive the last week. I’ve agreed to more things then I can mentally handle and it is kinda ruining my vacation. Well I don’t know if it’s gonna ruin my vacation actually, because the overload of activities has yet to start.

The first 2 weeks of vacation have passedΒ and tomorrow I start a week of children camp. Which is very exciting on one hand, but it is the first time and I cannot handle the pressure I put on myself. It is also entirely my own fault, because I am practically a professional procrastinator. I made my games this week and even changed a game just today, that is planned for tomorrow. I don’t know the people I have to work with and I don’t really know if I did what was expected from me. Get were the stress is coming from?

After, hopefully, a fun and exhausting week of playing with a lot of children, we go off to London! which is so exciting! I’ve wanted to go to London for so long and it is finally here!!! But because we leave monday morning, my mom wants me to get everything ready now, because I have to work next week. So totally unnecessary stress as well. But still LONDON WHOA!

We come back from London on Saturday afternoon and on monday I start another week of children camp. Which I still have to prepare my games for… When will I do that? IΒ have no freaking clue!

And because that isn’t already exhausting enough, I agreed to go work at my mom’s office again for 2 weeks. So that are 5 super exhausting weeks all in a row! All because I am an awful planner.

And to finish my vacation, I have 1 week to plan my 18th birthday party with one of my closest friends. Just because we didn’t want to celebrate our birthday in autumn (when it is actually our birthday) but in summer. So ‘NovemberFest in August’ has to be planned as well. And then there is 1 week left for me to do whatever I want.

Also did I mention that I have to read 3 books for school by the end of summer? And no fantasy books, but research books….

YAY SUMMER! I swear next summerΒ I am not working at all! It is just gonna be me and all the thing I want t o do with absolutely no stress, except for the fact that I start college then.

So here is what I have ahead of me the next weeks, so if I do not post every week, it is probably because I’ll be asleep the moment I get home.

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