Oh, Romeo

Hello lovely readers!

It been a while… again. Exams have been hard, but I managed pretty good! My results are way better than I ever imagined! But this isn’t going to be a post about school and exams, because it is officially over! It is summer! And even though July only started yesterday, I’m already back from a week of traveling!

Last week I flew to Verona, Italy with two friends who never travelled before (alone of by plane). So I had to take charge, which I have no problem with since my hobby is literally planning. I booked the flights, the appartement, I arranged transport to the airport and the shizzle that comes with it! I was totally in my element! I loved it!

Then the day was almost there and I had a little set back, because nothing goes this smooth in my life. I had a panic attack the evening before we left, because someone told me I couldn’t do it. But know I’ve proven that I CAN do it. This trip made me believe that.

Anyway, here’s how it went!

DAY 1: In Juliette’s Footsteps

we figured that we needed to do the most important itinerary first so we could enjoy every part of it! So we did the Juliette tour

I found an online tour guide and just followed, easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

we started at Casa di Giulietta, and of course I stood on the balcony!

Then we made our way to a superfun little square or a piazza to put it in italian. Piazza Ebre is a cute square with lots of typical touristic souvenir stands with lots and lots of ‘want to buy, but don’t really need it’-kind of stuff. so naturally we bought our souvenirs there!


after that we moved on to old market places and a place where lots of people were murdered, because why not? Volto barbaro, pretty place for such a cruel past, we also visited the tombs of the people who were murdered there…

we passed the sadly neglected and surprisingly not-touristic house of Romeo, before we made our way to Tomba di Giulietta.

My camera suck in dark spaces

DAY 2: museum day

you know all those museums with all different painting of Jesus and Maria…. well, I’m not going to pretend that I found it interesting. But what I did enjoy in those musea, were the buildings itself, I love old castles and houses. And there was always such a pretty view from those musea. I always wonder why they hide the beauty of the building… I’m sure you can put a million Jesus paintings in a building while still showing the building itself.

DAY 3: We are Booklovers!

because we did al the super touristic attractions in day 1 and 2, day 3 was pretty relaxed we did climb a tower with nearly 400 steps (I’m proud of myself), but after that our 48hour VeronaCard (tourist pass) expired and with along the easy road.

We walked around, sat down at a little café and read our books. Went for dinner and read some more. that’s what we did. Walking and reading. Verona is a BEAUTIFUL city just to wander around. We found super cute reading spots and cafés. It was peaceful and that’s how it’s like to travel with bookwurms…


I really recommend a citytrip to Verona! it’s gorgeous. Do know that 3 days are more than enough to explore the city to it’s fullest!


I hope you enjoyed this and read y’all later!