November Playlist

november playlist- simply 20 seconds

My loveliest readers

This months playlist is 1) a little late and 2) a little short… I’ve been so busy these last weeks that I’ve reached only 8 songs, one of which is a dutch one and like 15 years old and technically for kids. Sorry? I’ll do better next month!

Let the melody move you!

Behind the songs

Most of them came from clicking through spotify. I went from Harry Styles to New Hope Club, then to The Tide. And finally, I’m ashamed I didn’t know this already Heffron Drive, Kendall Schmidt’s band… Being a Kendall-girl all through Big Time Rush, I should’ve known this.

I’d heard of the song ‘you’re welcome’, but since I haven’t seen the movie yet (double shame) I never listened to it, but then Jordan danced to in in Dancing with the Stars and I loved it. Then of course, Perfect… I’m not the biggest Ed Sheeran fan, but it was EVERYWHERE and then the video came out and I watched an cried a lot!

Then I put another soundtrack in it… This is the exact opposite of why I started this segment, but I jus finished Prison Break and I loved the soundtrack so much. But sadly this is the only one that’s available on spotify.
Jan zonder vrees is the Dutch song, Spring is has been the soundtrack of my childhood. The reason it’s on this, is because november 29th there was a Throwback concert of the Kids channel here in Belgium, the one I grew up with. Today is their 20th birthday and of course I went to the show. The band Spring quit 15 years ago and are having a reunion concerts specially for this! They deserve this!

And that was it for this month. If you didn’t know the songs check them out! If you have any recommendations for me, don’t hesitate to comment them below!!!

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