My Happy List II

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while again, oops. this is exactly why I quit New Year’s resolutions… I fail at them instantly :s But januari is a trail month, februari is the real deal :p

But anyway, sinceΒ the end of december I have been having hospital appointments almost every week. And since this week and upcoming 2 weeks I have been promoted to two visits a week. I spend more time in the hospital than in school, I guess. But it isn’t the greatest place to be, it’s a bit of a downer actually. So that’s why I decided to list up all the things I do like to compensate a little :p

My Happy List part II

  1. Full written pages
  2. glittery bath bombs (specially Lush)
  3. Home-made chocolate milk
  4. Face Masks
  5. Animal onesies (I have a zebra and a dinosaur :p )
  6. Fluffy socks
  7. My friends (obviously)
  8. Listening to music under water
    (my headphones are apparently waterproof so I tried it and it’s amazing! note: apple headphones DO NOT survive this awesomeness)
  9. Listening to K3
    (it’s a Dutch children’s girl group, but I love it. Going to their concert in may! #ChildhoodMemories)
  10. Pizza! I looooooove pizza!
  11. My pink unicorn
    (got it for my 18th birthday and it hasn’t left my bed ever since I got it!)
  12. “I don’t give a damn”-days
  13. Helping people (with whatever I can help with)
  14. Friday’s at noon
    (class bounding moment: eating pasta in a cafΓ© and laughing a lot!)
  15. Music covers (especially acapella covers)

And that’s it for this Happy List, If you want to check out My Happy List part I, click the link :p I hope you liked it πŸ™‚