My Happy List :D

Hi there!!

I’m back on schedule! *applauding* I had trouble finding inspiration lately. I’ve had a really crappy week, those days you have to much time to think about all the shitty things that happened over the last months and it reached a limit. You know, just lying in bed, listening to sad music and stare at the wall in front of you? To get over those moments there is a cure! Happy Lists!

The point of happy list is to make them when you feel down and check of as many as you can!

25 things that make me smile

1. Pancake Breakfast
2. Listening to music (currently 1989 from Taylor Swift)
3. Taking hot bath with loads of bubbles
4. Chatting with friends about random stuff
5. Writing (on my blog and my own story)
6. Reading (obviously)
7. Watching Disney movies
8. Drinking tea or coffee
9. Taking photographs
10. Singing along to High School Musical songs
11. Listening to Internet Takeover on BBC Radio 1
12. Watching youtubers
13. Being artsy and creative
14. Eating (I know, comfort food is never good!!)
15. Sleeping
16. Dancing around the house without pants on (FREEDOM! Or is that just me, again?)
17. Going to school (I just have a really cool class! it fun!)
18. Buying new clothes
19. Online shopping
20. Getting presents (some people like it and some don’t. And I LOVE it :p )
21. Going to parties (not every week of course 😉 )
22. Flowers
23. Trying new things to bake
24. Cooking a whole meal for your family
25. Discovering new music/bands

This was it.
What is happiness to you


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