My Addictive Personality

Hello there!


At the moment I have BHS and I need to talk about it!!

Allow me to explain… BHS stands for “Black Hole Syndrome” I don’t know it is real, okay I made it up  but it is the best way to describe how I feel. It is the feeling you have when something is over, like your life has no meaning anymore, like nothing can replace that and you just lay in your bed days in a row questioning the meaning of life. (This is not the definition that Urban Dictionary said, so I added it :p)

There are a few things that make me have BHS. I have it every week, the first couple hours after I watched the latest Teen Wolf episode. (Also after a big recap and discussion about it all with my lil sis, of course)

I have it when I come back from a camp.  After a week of activity and incredibly fun things You get home, there is nothing to do there, you just lay there and when you start missing the people.

But the worst thing that gives me the Black Hole Syndrome is a book. You see I don’t read books twice, I can’t because I know what’s gonna happen and the excitement is gone. But when I finish a series of book that I loved so much, that when you reached the last page, stare at the final sentence for a while, then eventually close the book very slowly and gaze at the black wall in front of you wandering how you move on with your life. Then I feel the need to talk about it, to make it seem like it isn’t gone. I look things up, search if they’re gonna make it into a movie. But for that there sometimes is a cure. A cure which can help u move on. And that amazing cure is called FANFICTION! By reading fanfics the feels like it’s still here. And that is the best feeling in the world on that moment.

Another thing that gives me BHS is finishing a book of a series, but it isn’t the last one. And you have to wait for days before the next book arrives. Well for that fanfics won’t help. Because then they become a curse… Stories full of spoilers!!!

By the title of this post you can maybe guess that this all is a side effect of having a addictive personality. This has a good and a bad side.

The good thing about an addictive personality is that when you’re really into something, you are gonna go for it and work hard for it to succeed. Which is a very good quality.

But the downside of this is that when your energy in something like a book or tv-show or movies. It is a major distraction. It consumes time you can (should) spend on more important things like studies and/or work. Which for me is the biggest problem.

But it isn’t only that. I have a theory, it might be just something I tell myself to keep doing it. But I find it very logical. I think I need that distraction, I need something to take my mind of things. That when I come home from a long boring school day and that homework, I need something to look forward to something that makes me happy.

I’ve been like this as long as I remember. I had always something I was collecting or “obsessing” about. The first I remember were Diddle sheets (Diddle is a mouse, used to be very popular in Belgium and the Nederlands). And then came High School Musical, followed by Twilight (for a really long time), Then Harry Potter. Then came another long period of One Direction. And then Harry potter again. I have boxes full of stuff about these things.

And right now it is still Harry Potter, plus Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series. (But the materialistic side of my addictions is gone, though) I know there are quite a few people just like me and I hope I explained it right. That’s all! Thanks for reading!!