Midweek Night Out

Hi again!

It’s been 2 months since school started again and one thing that kept me going the last couple of weeks are the Midweek Nights Out. You really miss them when they’re gone.

The second week of the schoolyear, one of my friends was home alone on a thursday and asked me to stay over. Surpricingly my mom let me go. (my mom isn’t a fan of doing such things in the middle of the week, because of homework) So after school I went home with her and we had a amazing girls night. face masks, painting our nails, and homemade pizza! And going to bed at a ‘reasonable” time :p

The week after my sister when to a concert in Anwerp (which is pretty far from home) So my mom suggested to go to a movie. So we, my mom, my friend and I, went to the avant premiere of The Intern. The movie was awesome, so funny, you should watch it.

Week 3 was something very different! My dad got tickets to go the the a soccer game of the Youth of Anderlecht. You should know that I despise soccer, the players earn way too much for what they do. I do not understand why my dad watches it almost everyday. But going to a live game is very different. Even though I didn’t understand a thing of it all the excitement of the people makes you excited as well. I am going again! (yet still do not watch matches on tv, doesn’t has the same drive)

And then, one week later, it was finally the moment I had been waiting for for 2 months, FALL OUT BOY!! It was amazing, even though I didn’t know the lyrics, because I have the memory of a goldfish, I did have so much fun!!!

But that was the last Midweek night out. Last week I didn’t have one and next weeks neither. Going out on a wednesday or a thursday is really fun, it breaks your week, you have something to look forward to that is closer than the weekend.

But that was it for this week, see you again in 2 weeks !!!!