Little Update

Hello everybody!!!

Here I am nailing the consistincy of blogging! *applause* Every 2 weeks is easier to maintain, cuz lets face it my life isnt even close to being interesting enough to talk about every single week. 

So what did happen the last 2 weeks of my life? let’s see…

Last week I had a family party, that was soooo much fun!! (notice the sarcasm) Even though I love my family, I have no one, (besides my sister, but I talk to her everyday already). All my cousins are 10 years older than me, have wives and children. And I’m standing there, alone with my parents,(I really need to get myself a boyfriend, so I’m not awkwardly alone anymore) trying not to look too bored in way too high heels, never doing that again, after an hour and a half standing there, I continued barefooted, until we got to the table. Because why not.

You never realise how much you really depend on your phone until you’re in a place with no WiFi, no 3G and not even decent cell reception. Thank you Wallonia!

What else did I do? I went to school… as much as I always hope something exciting happens, it never does. I constantly wonder why the hell on earth we have math. I only have 3 hours of math and yet instead of teaching us the stuff we will need in college, they teach us crap… where is the logic in that?

Good side of school… I have been bounding with people in my class I didn’t talk to much last year! Which is a bummer, cuz they’re awesome :p

Everything else is still the same, culture teacher is still boring, history teacher is still a know-it-all, geography teacher is still hot, math and science teacher still hate us. nothing new just like summer vacation never happened.

Since I have nothing else to complain about I am now gonna watch some tv serie instead of homework, byeeee