Little Update ;)

Hello everybody!

How ya’ll doing? Did you have a lovely romantic Valentine’s date with your lover? Or was it more like me, without a boyfriend? But you don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend to have fun on Valentine! going out with friends is so much fun as well.

I had a surprise birthday party to go to for a friend of mine, it was amazing. My friend was totally clueless and was really really surprised by the whole party. We’ve all been dancing and singing and going crazy all night long. You almost forgot you were alone on Valentine!

Then yesterday afternoon we got ready to go on a little holiday to the sea. We have a week vacation now, so perfect time to get away from everything. Although the beach in Belgium isn’t really something to be super excited about, because the weather is not good and you can’t actually go to the beach, our apartment is at the shopping street and close to the metro. so we can go wherever we want.

there isn’t really much going on lately, everything’s kinda the same. Planning stuff with my friends, staying inspirationless, still hoping the guy I like finally sends me a message, I started drawing again (for school, we have to make something, but I’m not sure what I’m gonna do, I’m now thinking about people with animal features, see picture below), staying positive, OH and most importantly I REALLY CUT MY HAIR! AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!! Even though it means no more different hairstyles ( check out my previous post Cut it of to see them, if you haven’t already).

I should stop rambling about random stupid things and just go. I need my inspiration back!! 😮 If you have any ideas for me to do or for my art project, let me know in the comments below.

Antler Girl
Antler Girl…

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