Last weeks of 2015

Hello everyone!

It been 2 months since my last post, like you see regular posting has been going great! But the new year has started and again I’m going to try and update every 2 weeks!Β 

I could tell you what happened the last 2 months, but half of it are exams and the other part I don’t remember. But the last 3 weeks have been amazing and I will share them with you if you want it or not :p

A couple months ago, my friend had an amazballz idea, city trip to Cologne (city in Germany). So we booked it for 2 days after exams finished. So not much time to catch up on sleep, because I had to get up at 4 in the morning to catch the bus!
We all had a great time, walking on the Christmas fair, talking a laughing, and of course the huge shopping street right next to the fair. We went crazy, 2 days of shopping in all kinds of store we don’t have close to us. 1 days observing the stores, to see what we wanted to buy where (because you don’t want to regret buying something you eventuelly see in another store cheaper of better) so observing, very important! And day 2 BUYING ALL THE STUFF, we went all out, lush bath bombs, primark onesies, Make up stores. And of course FOOD, we had dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe and let me tell you this, if you never been there, get up, go to the closest one, walk in and enjoy heaven!
It was a great idea to do this, because I am new in that group of friends and those 2 days really brought us all closer to each other and IΒ really really like it and I love them!

Then there were the days before Christmas, which were endless! I had nothing to do, I didn’t know what to do, until I got a text
“come over”
“Harry Potter sleep over”
And I was like ‘HELL YEAH’,already fully clothed in Harry Potter clothes, grabbed my onesie and off I was! We didn’t watch Hary Potter, we talked, and talked, and talked and fell asleep 10 minutes in the movie!

Christmas was fun, as usual, food and games! We played that game where you get the whipped creme in your face, hilarious!

After that the awful days between Christmas and New Year when you have no idea what time or day it is. You wake up at 3pm, just in time to get ready cuz you were gonna meet up with da crew :p wasn’t home much those days, and my sleeping pattern was totally messed up, but it was worth it!

And then FI-NA-LY New Year’s Eve! I don’t do anything with my family on NYE and this year, lucky for me, so where some of my friends. So we got together, made pizza and had sooo much fun! It was the best NYE I’ve even had! 2016 started with some hectic moments, lot of sharing and caring and crying! But we had an amazing time, definitely repeating that next year!

And that’s it, school starts tomorrow, I haven’t done a thing for school, so the New Year’s resolutions are already failing! But I’mm roll into the whole school-thing soon enough! See y’all later! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!