Hello there!

Again I have proven I suck at regular posting, but this time I’m only 1 day late (I’m a big procrastinator :s), but I’m working on it! so this week there was, actually still is, a lot of talking about Emma Watson’s UN speech about Gender Equality, so I thought I should speak my mind about it, too. 😉

Unlike Emma Watson, I have never considered myself to be a feminist, mainly because I’ve always seen them as rebellious women walking down the streets topless. I do know they do that so get the attention, but that isn’t working so much as they want.

After listening to Emma’s speech I realised that a lot of her points resemble my thoughts. For example, unequal wages. I was aware of the problem, but it didn’t effect me much because I am still in school and don’t work. But someday I will leave school and will go look for a job. And then it would be more then fair to have the same number on my paycheck as a male colleague who has the same work.

Then she continues about her girl friends quitting sport, afraid to be too masculine. Everybody should be able to do what he or she loves to do, without having to worry about being looked at. If it’s a girl playing football or a boy doing ballet. Parents don’t let they little boys go to ballet classes, because they don’t want then to get bullied for it. No boys play soccer and girl dance.

I like that she includes men in this speech, it isn’t only women who are stuck in this inequality. Men are also stuck in these stereotypes. Men are strong, they don’t get emotional or ask for help. And that they link to respect. women are influenced by there emotions, so they can’t handle tough situations, right? Men should be able to express their emotions just like women can. you’re as much as a men when you show emotions. And all that deserves respect, women as much as men.

She says feminism is associated with man-hate. That is is too aggressive, bossy and even attractive. Not in my opinion. Why mute your voice for something that the world needs to hear and needs to change? Women can make it as far men, if the world let them.

After watching the HeForShe speech I thought about it, talked about it with my friends. I came to the conclusion that I am a feminist and that it is my right to express my opinion especially if it concerns gender equality.


Thanks for reading my ramble 😉