Healthy Breakfast part 2 ~ Yogurt with fruit

Hello there!

A couple days ago I made a blog post about a healthy breakfast idea. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat tasteless things or go to the gym 5 hours a day. Being healthy is suppose to be easy and fun. So let me introduce my second healthy breakfast idea!


This one is very easy to make, it’s is perfect for a hot day. And it is DELICIOUS!

I bought a jar of nature yogurt from ‘Pur Nartur’  and some fruit. You can use any fruit you want, I choose strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

This is literally the easiest thing to make.

You take a bowl and put the amount of yogurt in you like. And then just add the fruit!!

To make the yogurt softer of taste add a bit honey, it’s better than sugar and it add and amazing flavor to it. You can use as much honey as you like.
But here is  little tip from me to you: Don’t use to much, the honey has a rather strong flavor, when you add to much you’ll only taste the honey and nothing else.


And because it is so easy and light, you can also make is as an afternoon snack, while reading your favorite magazine (or writing on your blog :p ). and with this recent hot weather a fresh  fruity snack is always welcome!


healthy breakfast part 2