Happy List III

happy list III - simply 20 seconds

Hi Lovelies!

A brand new Happy List is live!!
So what is this list? It is pretty self-explanatory… You make a list with things that make you happy.
What’s the purpose of this list? Whenever you feel a little blue, bored, or you have too much time on your hands, you just pick an item from your list and it will lift your mood. Also when you need some me-time, it’s a great self-care list!

This is mine (3th edition)

  1. Writing
    This ones been on every list, because it’s almost literally my life. When I’m not at school I’m writing. I sometimes even need some free time from writing. I always have a couple writing projects going on. At the moment it’s my blog (as usual), a new novel, prompt writing and journalling.
  2. Soundtracks
    I’ve expressed my love for soundtracks a couple times already. But still my spotify playlist are 75% movie and serie soundtracks. It’s just so good! there is a reason they use them in a show. It adds the feeling to the scene!
  3. Party Planning
    Whenever my best friend and I get together, garantied we’re planning an awesome get together for our friends. To give an example my Come Dine with Me. We also had a Halloween Murder Mystery planned out but that was cancelled. (but there might come a party plan out if you are interested! 😉 )
  4. Reading
    another one that featured every list. But this year I rediscovered the love! I’ve read 36 books so far, currently reading n° 37 ‘Peter Pan’. I used to live in books and then got a social life… I’ve been trying to combine that since last year.
  5. Mini Dance Parties
    I think this one’s gotta be my favorite! Whenever I don’t feel 100% I just put on music and dance. Not like a routine, just you know, freestyling my amazing moves. I can assure you it makes you feel better. It gives you that little bit more than just listening to your favourite music.

  6. Listening to music
    It’s like life with a soundtrack. The better version of the moment.
  7. Discovering new music
    When I started the monthly playlists my goal was to boaden my music, because I listen to 5 albums. On average from the year 2009 to 2011. So that needed an upgrade and I’ve found some amazing songs and artist and I’m only 4 months further.
  8. Meeting friends
    I have a very busy school schedule and relatively a lot of assignments. So whenever I have an afternoon free, I will stalk my friend’s schedules and get together. And I decided to go out with then on fridays as much as I can (since I promised that since last year already).
  9. Movies and some Popcorn!
    I love watching movies! It doens’t matter to me if it’s a new one (to me) or one that I’ve seen 30 times already (And I have seen a lot of movies a lot of times). But it’s the popcorn that makes it! For some reason it’s gives a more special feeling than chips.
    Also works with series, but since I only watch one serie at a time it’s not always accompanied with popcorn. Currenly watching: the amazing Wentworth Miller in Prison Break!
  10. Coffee
    A day without coffee is a waste. It’s good, why skip it? I ordered a Coffee Advent Calendar (From Coffee Brewer) a couple weeks ago and I went to pick it up a couple weeks ago. It looks amazing and it’s fairtrade so you pay a little more than you normally would for coffee. By the time this post is up I will have tasted 4 coffees already!

If you have some recommendations of things to try out, let me know!!!!