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Hi lovelies!

It’s almost that time of the year again! yes, indeed only a few weeks until Christmas!

Christmas is, like for many others, my favorite holiday of the year. And I’ve got to be honest, I find the ‘leading up to’ more exciting than Christmas itself. Maybe because Christmas means the prep is over.

So why do I like the ‘leading up to’ the holidays so much?

You can listen to old and new Christmas music all month, without having to explain why. And nobody can stop you, because it’s December. In my experience people don’t like it when you play Christmas music in July…

What else is there to love? Trying out baking recipes… Cakes, cookies, gingerbread art. Baking in the winter just feels 1000x more fun. Christmas does crazy things with my head!

There are so much fun things to do! When I was still in high school I made all these pictures with winter quotes on them. Every morning I picked one out and that would be my quote of the day. And since I had exams in December I wrote the quote at the end of my exam. It was appreciated by most teachers.

Oh and then I haven’t even started about movies! What better time is there to watch movies with your family and/or friends when it’s cold and hopefully snowy outside. All while you sit inside with hot chocolate with whipped cream under multiple blankets! Best feeling in the world!

I think all these simply daily things feel more special in ‘the leading up to’. Because you know it’s almost Christmas and you want to get into the right spirit. These simple things mixed up with some really Christmassy things make your holidays wonderful!

And all these little things are the reason I made a FREE Christmas Checklist for you all! A full list of activities to make the road to the holidays even more fun and wonderful!
24 things to get you in the spirit of the holidays!

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