Finally Vacation!

Hello everyone!

So this week hasn’t been as productive as I planned it to be. That’s why the London Primark Haul is being postponed, sowwy! I decidedΒ I’m just gonna do a little update on my life and then I can continue to binge watch Gilmore Girls :p

Last week was my first official real vacation! whoow! I was home the week before that, but I was sick and I couldn’t move, so I had to stay home lie down and be a plant for almost a week. But I was glad it was then and not in my actual free time.

Did watch a lot of films, did see most of those films more than once, because I suck at searching for new ones. So it was Disney’s Descendance, Love, Rosie, Stuck in Love and Pitch Perfect for a week. Descendance is actually a pretty cool movie, and damn the son of Belle and Adam (Beast) is so cute. Totally my type! And he can sing, dancing… not really, but hey who cares πŸ˜‰
The other three movies I know by heart, that’s how much I’ve seen and love them.

And then last week, luckily I felt much much better. My first two days were cleaning the house, because I had a Movie Marathon sleepover on wednesday with my friend Senne (again being awesome and promting his Β youtube channel). We watched movies I love and he hasn’t seen, which are mostly movies he doesn’t like, which makes it even funnier.

we watched
Pitch Perfect (Duh! I practically said the whole script while watching. Super annoying I know.)
The Babadook (which is suppose to be a super scary psychological horror movie, which I have been mentally preparing for for months. Well it sucks, isn’t scary or any good. But that’s just my opinion)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Because you can never see/read to many Harry Potter)
Up (Is and will always be an amazing Pixar movie, luckily I didn’t cry, because I may or may not have fallen asleep for some scenes)
Inside Out (In my opinion way to overrated, it was a bit boring, and I fell asleep)
And then we also watched the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad. I do not like that show, It’s all so boring, please let there be other people who don’t like it, because according to him, I’m to first person he knows that doesn’t like it. (same senario happened when I said I didn’t like Orange is the new black)
The close of we watched The Numbr 23, which I saw about 4 years ago, and I thought it was awesome. It still was good, but less impressed. 14 year olds are much easier to ‘wow’ I guess.

Friday was a boring day, I had to catch up on sleep. But friday night was cool. I couldn’t sleep at all, so at 3am I decided to do something, because I wasn’t gonna fall asleep very soon. So I got my sketchblock and my pencils out and I just draw Lucy Hale, it turned out pretty well I think!

lucy hale

Oh saturday was fun, I was really bored so I started making a birthdaycard for my friend, and I was getting excited and getting her excited like “who knows what it will look like, full of glitter, maybe even wings”. and her response was obviously “Oh my, I want wings on my card, give me wings!”. Being a cool friend and extremely bored I made her a winged card, I still cannot believe I did that.

winged bday cad

I hope she will like the gifts we bought her!!

bday joyce

I’m really excited for our birthday party tomorrow! It’s called NovemberFest in August, because our birthdays are actually in November, but we wanted a sunny birthday for once and not grey and rainy. But karma is ahead of us again, looks like its gonna be grey, rainy and windy tomorrow. What have we done wrong πŸ™ But we’re gonna have fun anyway!

That was it for this week hope you liked it and see you again normally next week!!



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