Hello, this is gonna be a quick one, cuz I forgot to write the post and I don’t really have time to write it now, i’m sorry. Yet I’m still gonna write this little one, cuz I haven’t missed a post a couple weeks in a row now and I’m not letting the record of ‘posting in time’ die!

So I forgot to write it, because it is vacation, and vacation means relaxing. So I haven’t done a thing. Which isn’t to bad, because I have projectweek. Monday and Tuesday I’m helping in a mental institution, hope they don’t keep me there :p then it’s my BUUUUUUURTHDAY, and we don’t have school (so I might write the planned post then) and then we have a drug semenary and a visit to an old mental institution. SOOO FUN FUN FUN (but scary, pretty scary)

And in that week I also have to make sure I do the homework I should have done last week. Again FUN FUN FUN!

Hope you enjoyed this 3minutes rushed post,