Daily skin care

Hello there!


Today I’m gonna talk about skin care. A beautiful face begins with a fresh and clean skin. Skin care is very important, but you have to make sure you use the right products for your skin.

The first step to begin your daily routine is making sure you bought the right products. It’s very logical, you know which skin type you have, so don’t buy “oily skin” product when you have a dry skin. Very simple.

You can buy them everywhere. But I do recommend the more expensive ones from good, dermatological brands. Because if you have a sensitive skin like me and react badly on some soaps, better get them at the pharmacist.

Important! Don’t wash your face with regular shower gel or something like that. The soap isn’t good for your skin, so use soap without soap (it probably has a name, but I just say that to my pharmacist and she gets it :p)

Okay, now over to the actual step for a good skin care.

When you look on the internet you’ll find sites with a 27 step routine, but that isn’t necessary.

With a simple 3 step plan, you’re good to go!


Cleansing your face.

This means: Get all that make up off your skin. Never, ever go to sleep with make up on. It blocks your pores and all the dirt stays in them. I don’t wear much make-up myself, but when I do, even if it’s late, I always take it off.

When you removed your make-up, you wash your face with the right soap for your skin. For me that would be one for oily skin. The one I am currently using is from Louis Widmer. It’s called Skin Appeal – Lipo Sol Foam. I really love it! It makes my skin very smooth and soft.



A moisturizer is important to keep your face hydrated. It make a sort of mask to keep water in your pores. This is important if you have a dry skin. Nobody wants to have dry spots on there face.

I don’t have a moisturizer at the moment, I ran out of my bottle a couple days ago. I used the Moisture Fluid UV 6, also from Louis Widmer. This moisturizer has already UV protection in it. So then is the next step not as necessary.


UV protection

This is the step most people forget. The skin of your face is very sensitive for UV radiation. Even sitting next to a window when the sun is shining, is damaging to your face. This can have different effects.

the effects go from small, like a a little burn on your cheeks, to skin cancer. This might seem too extreme only because of the sun. But it really does increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

Sun protection is easy to buy. But with this you can take extra care by picking one matching your skin type. And if you are someone who gets sunburnt easy, make sure you buy some after sun as well.


That is it for your Daily skin care routine. Really easy and you really do see a difference.

For finishing this post… For a little extra care on top of this all, you can use a peeling cream. Just to scrub and remove dead skin cells adn clean out the pores a little bit more. I use the Skin Appeal Peeling, again from Louis Widmer (I prefer using all product from the same brand, just to prevent getting bad reactions to one of them 😀 )


I hope you like this post and find it usefull!!!