Cute DIY gift idea’s

Hello there!

In a couple months my friend and I know each other for a year. That might not be a big deal, but for us it is.

My friend and I are sort of Pen Friends, but the social media version. We talk almost everyday and we talk about everything. I think it is very special to have such a close friendship with somebody from an other country. She is literally the me from Turkey. We like the same things, we help each other out if somethings is wrong. We can always count on each other.

Now that’s said, I can get to the main part of this post. On this special occasion we decided we’d make a “Pen Pal Kit”. It is a little box with little gifts in it.

We are going to actually write a letter to each other, add something typical from a country and then to make it totally complete… a cute little DIY gift. And because I’ve been searching through a lot of DIY, I thought I’d share my favorites with you 🙂



This first one is a little bit specific. “How to make a Harry Potter wand”. I’m absolutely in love with Harry Potter (Well, not actually Harry potter, but Fred Weasley :3 ) harry potter DIY wand


A little something I found, to give your sweetheart. it’s a very sweet and thoughtful gift that is not expensive at all. 52 things i love about you 52 thingds





The next thing isn’t one specific thing, it is more the general idea. GIFTS IN JARS!!! you can Literally can put anything it it. Most ideas involve food, but because I can’t send food to her, I looked a it further. I did found this cute idea. A Memory Jar. This can be something just for you or you can make it with memories you had with your best friends. You can decorate the jars to whatever you like.memory jar





I think this last one is the most perfect and amazing gift anyone could possibly get. I will love you forever if you give me something like this.

Open when… letters. It isn’t so hard to understand what the purpose is of this gift, but it is super cute. And you can choose what to put in the envelops. It could be a letter you wrote, or a little poem, maybe even a drawing or a picture. I though of Quotes, I love quotes. You can explain your whole life using only quotes.

I just can’t explain how much I love this idea. You can make dozens of them, for any occasion at all. decorate them like you want. You can’t do anything wrong with this.

Open when.. letters



So this were a few of the cutest DIY gifts. Hope you liked it, I certainly did. I probably make more of these posts, because I love crafts and making little DIY 🙂