Croatia !!!

Hello there!

This is gonna be a short post, because I’m leaving in a couple hours on summer camp, guess where!

I’m really excited to leave, but at this exact moment I’m more scared. As always, I go on camp alone, so I don’t know anyone, as far as I know. So I’m a little anxious about that. But on the other hand I know that doesn’t matter, because you make now friends either way.

I actually have no reason to be scared, what so ever. Last year I went to spain, also alone and turned out I already knew 2 people and it was an amazing week. This year there is a girl I know from last year in Spain, so I already have someone to go to in the beginning.

I think I’m just afraid that it maybe isn’t going to be so easy to make new friends as last year, or that the people aren’t as much fun, or maybe the activities. Last year was just so amazing, I think it might be not as good this year.

Probably worrying about nothing, though. I’m going to croatia, what could be bad about that!