College 101: How to get organized

Hi Lovelies!

I am a very organized person in, or at least I am now. Up until last year I was chaos itself. At high school we had these schoolagenda’s where we had to write class, subject and homework in. (Mandatory) But college is different.

I sucked at this, I never filled in the subject, let alone the homework… because I would remember it. Spoiler alert: I didn’t and I often barely escaped detention because of it.

I knew this habit couldn’t keep going on, because in college no one is going to tell you what the assigments are. So this is how I got from the human incarnation of pure choas to planner perfect!

STEP 1 papertown or digiworld? 

You first have to decide what suits you better. Are you someone who loves having notebooks around and works better if everything is written down? Or do you prefer to have everything in one efficient app?

Once you get that figured out, we move over to…

STEP 2 Pinterest the perfect planner pal

I’m serious! Once you know which way you want to go, type it in Pinterest.

For apps and digital layout, just search digital planner. And voilla! And I’m very sorry for that this is were I leave you digiworlders to go and discover your own pad. Since I suck at digital planning šŸ™

My papertown pals! Pinterest is your best friend in this.

Now we got to choose which kind of layout will be most efficiƫnt for you.

If you have daily assigments (like in high school), with a weekly variable schedule, I recommend a A5 planner with weekly overviews. So you have a clean look at what to do this week.

If you don’t have daily task, but more yearly spead deadlines (for papers, for example). In this case I recommend a nice and big monthly calender.

When you have the best (cough) of both worlds, just take both.

This depends on how your school/college/uni (or work) assigns tasks.

STEP 3 What is my type

Will you buy a planner? Or do you like a pretty aesthetic bullet journal? Maybe a nice notebook to make lists is sufficient for you.

This is the next cross road on our path.

bullet journal: do you have time to make weekly and/or monthly spreads every time? Do you like being creative? Yes, to both, GO and make yourself a bullet journal

pretty store planner: You don’t have the time/want to make spreads every week, but you would like to have a pretty planner. Guuurl, internet is your friend! There are tons of pretty planners out there!

my personal favorite is Paperchase

Personalized Planners: You don’t have time to bullet journal, but you really want to make it your own? Welcome to the wonderful world of custom made planners

you’ve probably all hear of Erin Condren, who has beautiful planners which can be peronalized!!! YAY

If you don’t live in america, then this option is going to cost you some. So Last year I’ve been roaming the internet for the next best thing! Personal Planner Completly personalized and now also has A4 planners, for all you bussy working ladies!

STEP 4 Colour Coding

Sound like the most fun part, right? (and it is)

BUT BUT BUT do not over-do it! It’s a planner, not a colouring book. Colour coding is here to make planning more efficiĆ«nt and it has to stay that way.

My colour code:
Plain blue: This weeks schedule
Orange: task and assigments
Red: Deadlines and important SCHOOL related stuff
Green: plans with friends
Yellow: Hospital appointments

and sticker for the special occasions

STEP 5 Take your planner EVERYWHERE!


Because no, you won’t just remember it.


Hope this helped you out! What are you’re planner tips and tricks. Or do you have planning fails? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. If you have a busy schedule I recommend a monthly calendar for your assignments. This will give you a big, clear and separate overview to avoid losing task is the mass

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