College 101: The Intovert’s Guide

introvert's guide

Hi Lovelies!

It’s another week of college wisdom (sorta). This week I want to address something that a lot of people face, being introvert. Which can be a real challenge in college or uni. Today you’ll get a view at my experience.

It’s okay!

It is totally okay and normal to be introvert. You are not less than an extrovert. You don’t have fewer opportunities than somebody else. You do not have to be afraid to be yourself.

From my experience I noticed that I felt like I would be able to graduate or get a job, because I was so shy and kept to myself. But even in a social education, like mine, being introvert can be an advantage. As long if you work it right, and you really like what you’re doing.

Find a Safe Haven

An introverted person gets his energy from being alone in peace, rather than being around people like an extrovert. When you live in a dorm, or shared house, finding some quiet alone time can be hard.

My advise is to find a place where you go to relax and be alone. Is there a park nearby? take a book, and read on a bench. Or take your music and walk around for a bit. Let your thoughts flow.

I am a morning person, and if you are too, this is one for you. Get up early! Those extra minutes where the dorm/house is completely quiet (except maybe the other introverted morning peeps).  It’s my favorite time of the day. I’ll just sit on the couch with my coffee and read.

introvert's guide

If you don’t like it, don’t do it

If you are an introvert, you probably heard these:

  • You just got the get yourself out there!
  • Step outside your comfort zone!
  • Just do it!

And we know that this is hard, but they don’t. They don’t know that walking into the cafetaria all alone IS stepping out of comfort zone. Raising our hand in class IS getting yourself out there.

It is true that you have to push yourself a little, but take the steps you are ready for. Forward is forward, doesn’t matter at what speed. Slow is most of the time better, because many of us have taken the leap and make a ‘bold’ move. And it backfired.

Another thing that I think is very important: Parties

I feel very uncomfortable at parties (when I don’t at least know half the people there). You are not obligated to go to parties! I wrote a post last year about this, you can read it here. Go to as many as YOU feel comfortable with. Discover the which types of get togethers you prefer, For example I like going to a bar with friends, but I skip going to clubs. It’s just not my thing. I just find a balance, so I don’t neglect my relationships.

Eating alone is not strange

In contrary to many beliefs, eating alone is not pathetic. Lot’s of people eat alone. No one will look at you funny. Remember that when you have no other choice that to eat in a buzzing and loud cafetaria.

Find  your people

It may take a while before you find people who you trust. There are a lot of people there, some you may not click with and others will.

Don’t rush it, people are going to talk to you. You will find friends. I had a rough time in this department because the girls were not my kind of people. But eventually (I’ll admit it took a while) I found them.

Take a book and go high

I don’t mean go high on drug, of course. but you should find a safe haven at campus as well. Usually I go to the seventh floor, eat my lunch there and read, write or listen to music until classes begin. It’s also handy if you have some work to do. Because campus libraries are rarely the quiet place they should be (pro tip)!


Do you have any other tips for us introverts? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to try them out!

And that’s it! I hope you found this useful! If you did comment, like or share !



  1. Great tips here. And Yes, I agree with you that eating alone is absolutely ok. Sometimes, I purposely find a quiet corner at the office and enjoy lunch alone. It’s a great way to unwind ?

    1. Indeed I usually prefer to eat alone. Put on some music or read a little. It’s one of the few times you can have a quiet moment in your day

  2. I am an introvert at heart. But, overtime I classified myself as an extroverted introvert. I enjoy participating in activities (and interacting with people) that contribute to my personal development such as volunteering with kids at church and going to a hiking meetup on the weekends. You’ll enrich your own life when you go out there and do life with other people. Yes, the interaction with others can be tiring for us introvert, but as long as you have time to recharge (be alone with yourself), you’ll be OK. Go out there and enjoy life.

    1. You’re absolutely right! Being introvert isn’t a static thing, in my opinion. It really depends on the kind of activity, your recharge moments and the people who you’re with. I’m doing kids summer camps for 6 years now. And I love it, I just need to find myself a couple minutes to relax (usually a rather long toilet visit :p) and I’m ready to go again.

  3. I’m an introvert and I definitely found college challenging because of it. These are so really great tips and thanks for your sensitive discussion of the topic.

  4. I can not decide I’m introvert, because somethimes and I like to hang out with people. But I prefer to be alone in my corner and do things that fill me up.

    1. It think this is best described as and extroverted introvert. Because just like your personality isn’t just one characteristic, you aren’t just introvert all the time. It depends omg so much fzctors, day by day x

  5. I used to eat alone everyday in the dining commons and felt super weird about it until I looked around and ALMOST everyone else was eating by themselves but I put myself out there in other areas like joining clubs. I piked my introverted/extroverted battles haha.

    1. Haha indeed. A lot of people enjoy eating alone. And being introverted doesn’t mean you are like that in every situation. You have to find your balance 😉

  6. This is something literally no one talks about?! I’m an introvert and I got lucky that my roommate freshman year was the COMPLETE opposite, otherwise I would’ve met almost no one my first year. I’m happy with the way my college years turned out, but I wish I’d had a guide like this back then!

    1. Having an extrovert friend is the best when you’re an introvert! My best friend is an extrovert. But I try to do as much independent. We do the same things, I just go in with a little more caution and stress. While she throws herself in the middle like it’s her nature 😉

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