Caraval by Stephanie Garber

This time I’m writing a book review, something I haven’t done in a REAAAAALY long time. I think this is the first book I’ve read in over a year that wasn’t an assignment and yes I am ashamed of it, because I absolutely LOVE reading. But before I start I want to thank everybody for the sweet comments and like on my previous post ‘Unnoticeable’. It means the world to me!

FairyLoot unboxing

FairyLoot unboxing

Hi everybody!

After a month of exam stress, it is finally over and I can go back to fun things! YAY! Before exams started I bought myself a christmas present, and a motivation to look forward to during exams! I ordered my first FairyLoot book box!

Anna Dressed in Blood

Hello there! Another book review for you! Again a book I read a while ago, but I recently read the sequel, so why not make a post about it! Cas Lowood has an unusual calling: He kills the death. Just like his father did before him, until he got brutally killed by a ghost. Now, along with … Read More

The Dark Heroine

Hello there! Today I’m gonna introduce you to an amazing book, I read it a while ago, but it is absolutely worth mentioning! 😀 Because of an accidental on a distorted square, Violet tumbles into a worlds beyond anyones imaginations – A world full of gracefulness and beauty, where aristocratic vampires live. A place with no escape possible… But underneath this beautiful facade … Read More

The Maze Runner

Hello there!   I’d like to present my current favorite!! “The Maze Runner“!! by James Dashner One of the things I absolutely love is reading, I can read for hours and hours (accept for food, I’d drop anything for food :3) but yeah I love it. I love getting sucked in into the story and … Read More