Hello everybody! So like I said in last weeks post, I am going to do the TMI tag today. I have 3 very solid reasons to do so,Β  1) My friend Senne (who you should check out, his channel I mean ;p) made this video, so I’m doing this too :p 2) I literally sweat … Read More

Little Update :p

Hello everybody! It’s been like almost a month since my last post, and i’m really sorry. I don’t have a actual reason or excuse for not updating. I was just being lazy and inspirationless. I do have some half-written blog posts ready, but I don’t feel like finishing them. So I’ll just do a little … Read More

You Should Know

Hello everybody! Today I’d like to talk about something more serious and it’s not about feminism this time. This is about something a lot of people, mostly girls, have experienced or will experience in their live… Anxiety and anxiety attacks. I am no expert in this, I’ve read quite some articles about this to understand … Read More

Sea, carnaval and art…

Hello everybody!! It’s been 2 weeks, yeah I’m late (again). Procrastinating won from productivity (again). Last sunday I thought, well nothing really happened this week, I’ll make a post on tuesday about carnaval. But I was just exhausted and lazy, so I laid on the couch all day. Then I though, well I have excursion … Read More

Little Update ;)

Hello everybody! How ya’ll doing? Did you have a lovely romantic Valentine’s date with your lover? Or was it more like me, without a boyfriend? But you don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend to have fun on Valentine! going out with friends is so much fun as well. I had a surprise birthday party to … Read More

That time before Christmas

Hi there! Yup, it’s that time again. the period before Christmas. And I don’t mean the holiday shopping and decorating the house. I mean exams. that’s right, learning and studying from the moment you get home from school, until you fall asleep on your books (gives you pain in the neck and you can’t sleep … Read More

Toddlers, baking and playing

Hello there! Last week I had vacation, I don’t know if that is the case everywhere, but it is here! πŸ˜€ But one week of vacation is not enough. Teachers give you enough homework so you have to get up at 6am to get it all done AND do theΒ fun activities you had planned.Β  I … Read More


Hello there! Again I have proven I suck at regular posting, but this time I’m only 1 day late (I’m a big procrastinator :s), but I’m working on it! so this week there was, actually still is, a lot of talking about Emma Watson’s UN speech about Gender Equality, so I thought I should speak … Read More

Who Would I Date?

Hello there! As you may know, I love watching Youtubers, so it might not be a shocker when I tell you that I bought the Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog.Β It is not an actual reading book, but an interactive do-book. And there are some deep questions in them. And at the moment the … Read More

Back to School

Hello there! Just like all high school students I had to go back to school this monday. And just like everybody else I didn’t want to go. Back to schedules, back to routine and back to sitting still and be quiet. The beginning of the year is for everybody a bit exciting. Who will be … Read More