Daily skin care

Hello there!   Today I’m gonna talk about skin care. A beautiful face begins with a fresh and clean skin. Skin care is very important, but you have to make sure you use the right products for your skin. The first step to begin your daily routine is making sure you bought the right products. … Read More

Healthy Breakfast part 2 ~ Yogurt with fruit

Hello there! A┬ácouple days ago I made a blog post about a healthy breakfast idea. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat tasteless things or go to the gym 5 hours a day. Being healthy is suppose to be easy and fun. So let me introduce my second healthy breakfast idea!   This one … Read More

Healthy Breakfast part 1 ~ Oatmeal with fruit

Hello there! Recently I’ve been watching a lot of lifestyle videos on YouTube about healthy meals and little fun and easy work outs. And because it is summer and I leave for vacation in a couple week, I thought I might be a good idea to get a bit in shape and stop eating fat … Read More