Happy List III

Happy List III

Hi Lovelies! A brand new Happy List is live!! So what is this list? It is pretty self-explanatory… You make a list with things that make you happy. What’s the purpose of this list? Whenever you feel a little blue, bored, or you have too much time on your hands, you just pick an item … Read More

Semester Favorites

Semester Favorites

Hello everybody Here I am, two weeks in a row! (yay, the start of consistency). This time I would like to share some favorites with you guys. I love doing them, you seem to like them. the only problem is that I do not buy many new stuff, because I’m a broke ass student. So … Read More

Spring favorites

Hello everyone!! Sooooooo… I’ve been gone for like 3 months or something… I’m embarrassed of myself! It’s all my own fault, procrastination is gonna ruin my life someday. So these last weeks I haven’t posted because I postponed all my work until the last minute and suddenly everything had to be finished at the same … Read More

My Happy List II

Hello everyone! It’s been a while again, oops. this is exactly why I quit New Year’s resolutions… I fail at them instantly :s But januari is a trail month, februari is the real deal :p But anyway, sinceΒ the end of december I have been having hospital appointments almost every week. And since this week and … Read More

Spring Favorites

Hello everyone! It has been spring for a while now and the sun if finally showing more than the usual here in Belgium *Yeey* It has been extraordinary hot here. But of course I had to work the first week of spring break and missed most of the sunny days πŸ™ (typical). But I had … Read More

My Happy List :D

Hi there!! I’m back on schedule! *applauding* I had trouble finding inspiration lately. I’ve had a really crappy week, those days you have to much time to think about all the shitty things that happened over the last months and it reached a limit. You know, just lying in bed, listening to sad music and … Read More

September Favorites

Heloooow! September’s over! School has been going on for a month now πŸ™ Getting back in the routine. (And my post is early this week :o) This month I got myself some thing I absolutely love and want to share with you. This will be my first proper favorites post πŸ˜‰ yay! first up, a … Read More

Some favorites and an update :)

Hello there! It’s again proven: I suck at doing this regularly. I only have this blog for not even 2 months and I screwed it up. But since I’m back from Croatia I didn’t had the energy to write anything. Not because of BHS (which I explained in a previous blog), but because I had … Read More