Bubbles, Disney and Popcorn

Hello there!!

Only an hours late this week! I’m getting there :p But hey exams are over, Christmas is coming and food is already finding his way to my belly. And what is a better way to start Christmas Break than way a pamper day! I can’t think of any 😀

So friday morning I had to go pick up my rapport card at school (which was good this year *whoow*) and went to the city with my friend. We had an amazing time, so much laughing and talking. It was as crazy as we are. Got some more Christmas light, because you can’t get enough of them. Drank a hot chocolate and got some food :p

When I got home, I was ready to relax. I made myself a hot bad with lots of bubbles, like a crazy lot of them. While listening to my favorite music. Got a little crazy and made a foam beard. And with this one I know for sure it’s just me and that that isn’t normal. But who cares!

And how to relax better than with your favorite Disney movie? Getting cozy in my bed, with lights and pillows and High School Musical, my all time fave. (I know it’s more a Disney Channel movie, but Disney is Disney). All three movies, one after another. Got the popcorn out for the last one. It’s hard singing along while eating popcorn.  I LOVE these movies. I cried at the end, I always cry at the end of HSM3. But it was worth it. Btw I want a Troy Bolton! Tell where I can get one! He was my first celebrity crush, he has a special place in my heart. I was obsessed with HSM, I collected everything. I even have a paper cup from a birthday of High School Musical. Yup I’ve been crazy since I was little.

But it was amazing and so relaxing, I think I’m gonna do more of these days. I liked it so much, here are some pics! 🙂

Me being ready for HSM Marathon :)
Me being ready for HSM Marathon 🙂
First one is ready to play!!
First one is ready to play!!
cozy, soft and popcorn :D
cozy, soft and popcorn 😀

This was heaven! Pamper nights are just evening you do whatever you want to make you relax and stop stressing. Forget about everything for a moment and just enjoy yourself 🙂