Back to School

Hello there!

Just like all high school students I had to go back to school this monday. And just like everybody else I didn’t want to go. Back to schedules, back to routine and back to sitting still and be quiet.

The beginning of the year is for everybody a bit exciting. Who will be in my class this year? Will there be new students? Who are my teachers? I hope my time table doesn’t suck. That are the things most people ask themselves. But this year was a bit more scaring than usual.

Because I failed my year (Thank you, maths, I hope you burn in hell), I had to double. Which I took pretty good, because it meant NO MORE MATH! I absolutely hated it and I sucked at it (note the 36% at my last exam). So I was actually happy I had to repeat my year and choose something I was interested in. So Human Sciences it is! yay 😀

I was nervous my first day, because I didn’t know how my class would be, I did know people there. One who already did human sciences and a girl who used to be in my class when I followed Latin. She also changed, so we both didn’t know what to expect. What actually felt good, I wasn’t the only one 🙂

I’m a shy girl, I am not one of those people who talk for the whole class and like to give presentation and raise there hands. But this year I’m already trying to push myself to not be afraid. I know they aren’t gonna laugh at me when I say something wrong, even though I think that. Being shy is a big disadvantage in life. I’d love to be more open and sociable, so I can do more things without being afraid what could happen, or what other people think of my. And now I’m in a new class, with new people and I’m gonna change 😀

So the first week of the year is over and I already had a huge inspirational thought and there are still 45 to go. But like first weeks always are: it was boring, introducing everyone, introducing the subject of the year. The class rules, which are the same in EVERY lesson, but it is obligated 🙁

But for now, I actually look forward to learn things I’m interested in. And, of course, being the smartest one of class, because I already saw everything 🙂 haha

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