Anna Dressed in Blood

Hello there!

Another book review for you! Again a book I read a while ago, but I recently read the sequel,
so why not make a post about it!

Cas Lowood has an unusual calling: He kills the death. Just like his father did before him, until he got
brutally killed by a ghost. Now, along with his mother and armed with his fathers ghost-killing knife, they
travel around the world. He is looking for a local ghost named Anna Dressed in Blood, and finds a ghost
like he has never seen before. She still wears the dress in which she got killed in 1958: Then innocent
white, now dripping blood. Since her death Anna killed everybody who steps inside her
abandoned victorian house. But then… She saves Cas’ life

I though Anna Dressed in blood was a great book. Thrilling, romantic and easy to read. It’s was a cliché
love story with a twist. I loved how the story builds up to the truth about Anna’s death and her life

in the inbetween, the house and the killing machine.

It’s not only the legend of Anna that is told in the book, also the story of Cas’ father. He has been looking for
information about the strong ghost who killed his father his whole ghost-killing carrier. And as always:
the truth is hard.

Another aspect of the book that I absolutely loved was friendship.
Cas wasn’t used to make or have friends, because he didn’t had time for that. He moves; kills the ghost and
moves again to another place. He though friends were a waste of time and energy. But this time he doesn’t
have a choice, people got involved and insisted to help.

That was the first time he had friends. Lucky for him! Without his new friends he would not have succeeded!

Anyway, I loved the book and I was so excited when I found out there is a sequel “Girl of Nightmares”. Also I
hope the upcoming movie of this book is going to be even amazing!

Waiting for the movie!!!

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