2 Weeks of Thoughts

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This is going to be a different one, peeps!
I start exams tomorrow and I wasn’t even a little productive. I basically started yesterday and I know what you might think, I’m not exaggerating.

Last year I was productivity in the flesh. And I was very proud to say I nailed all but one of them. Seconds semester I didn’t have time to prep for exams. So I guess my exam stress is gone… Like I start tomorrow, still have stuff to learn, but here I am writing a rambling blog post. Because apparently regaining consistency on my blog is priority to studying in my head. I’m telling ya, this ain’t gonna end well.

But yeah, wanna know how my vacation went? I can tell you that, because along with my blog I’ve been keeping up my journal as well!!

27/12/2017: I was very happy about my uber-amazing Secret Santa gift for my 2,5 y/o niece. (it was a Minnie Mouse onesie matching with my Mickey Mouse one I bought last year). She was so cute!! And I got my Prison Break hoodie with my own design!

28/12/2017: Studying isn’t going well, summarised 1 page. I start to doubt SLP is a good fit since my internship failed… I think I’m not good enough to be an SLP #CollegeDoubts. I also started to get a real bad desire to be working at Studio 100 (sort of the Belgian Disney Channel).

30/12/2017: I went to the cinema with my mom and sister. We went to K3 Love Cruise, a studio 100 production. So yes, we sat in a room full of annoying toddlers and no my sister is 18 y/o, I had no valid reason to be there, except for my love for Studio 100. I decided that my New Year’s Resolution is trying to get into Studio 100. #ambition

31/12/2017: I met up with friends to celebrate the new year! I had a really good time! There were so many concerts on tv (again a Studio 100 one, there is a pattern…) I was a little worried, because my ex was going to be there, who I haven’t seen/spoken to since we broke up. I wished for a better 2018 with less crying.

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01/01/2018: The New Year’s home party was amazing! Later that day I went to see my godmother. And that was greaaaaaat. I got shit on for being stressed about my exams. Apparently, I can be stressed because I only have 4 exams. I can be tired, because I’m only 20 years old. It’s my own fault, I should’ve prepped sooner. Because an internships alone isn’t work enough. It’s been a long time since they said something positive or helpful to me. I quote from my journal: ‘My confidence hit rock bottom.’

02/01/2018: I tried to study, it went a little bit. I took a nap and it was a really good one! Studying (or trying to) makes my creativity evaporate. I have a need for accomplishing something (visual) today.

03/01/2018: I spend my Christmas money. On a concert of my favorite Belgian singer Niels de Stadsbader (apart from K3) and a very anticipated and guaranteed amazing musical by Studio 100, “40-45” a war musical.

04/01/2018: I’ve been doing exercises for 3 days now, a record. Like sport exercises. I’m really proud of myself. I find my subjects vague and my handwriting terrible.

06/01/2018: I went out last night (only ’till 12), but I actually studied my ass of today! Go Me! And I ordered a Fairyloot box.

07/01/2018: I miscalculated the time I had left to study, because I forgot that I had to go to my grandparents for New Year. So I didn’t do very much and now I’m writing a blog post instead of studying. Go Me?

And that were 2 weeks of thoughts, you’re welcome…. I guess…
How did you holidays go? Got any cool presents? Let me know in the comments!



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