Everything goes wrong

hi there!

now that I wrote mu post early I forgot to post it yesterday, SO exams are over! No studying late because I failed to start early. No stress anymore. Just relaxing, reading, shopping and decorating the house. At least until next friday when we get our grades. Let’s enjoy the time we have, shall we 😀

So exams are over, that means shopping! My friends and I had the amazing idea to go crazy and go shopping in Ghent. Everything was fine until we stepped out the train station. it was pouring rain, it was cold and we had no idea where to go. We had to take the metro, somehow. Figuring it out on our own, did not work very well. So we asked in the bus shop. “Take line 1” she said, so we did. Next problem, which stop to take. I had never been in Ghent before, so I had so idea where to get of. The moment we saw shops and cafes, we got of. Realising we got of too early we stepped further in the pouring rain to find a place to eat and dry.

We found a cosy little bistro not far and we took our time to eat. After an hour we were almost dry and it wasn’t raining anymore. We started walking, hoping to find the shops. Apparently they were just 2 streets aways. at least we know now 😉 shopping started great. And with that I mean only the start was great. First shop found some clothes, bought pants and moved on to the next one. Picked out clothes, when to the changing rooms and found out my bag wasn’t entirely closed, and my wallet was gone. So no more shopping for me 🙁

But even though so many thing went wrong, we had fun and that all that counts. (And losing my wallet, prevented me from spending to much money 😉 ).

if you had finals, I hope they went well!